Additional Resources

What additional resources and links can help me?

Please note that no resource is perfect or comprehensive, including this website. We encourage you to look at many resources, and to really get to know and speak with trans people and gender nonconforming people whose lives are impacted by pronouns more profoundly than for most. Since asking personal questions of acquaintances in order to educate yourself might be a bad idea, and places a burden on already marginalized populations, a good way to learn can be through texts and videos, such as the ones below. 

Wikipedia maintains several excellent articles related to personal pronouns:

There are many products, such as stickers, buttons, and name tags that can help people share their pronouns. Some of these can be found on Etsy and other online retailers.

Here are some videos that help to explain personal pronouns and trans/genderqueer identity:

Additionally, there are many organizations throughout the world supporting transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex communities and rights. These are just a few of them with websites in English: